Parkinson Technologies

Slitting Technology Course

Course Date: Nov. 6-7, 2018

Location: Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport, Phoenix, AZ

Instructor: Dave Rumson

Phone: 860-256-5658




This course presents various web slitting methods and technical information intended to expand attendee understanding of the slitting process. Details of knife operating forces and their influence on flexible webs, knives and knife holders will be presented. Knife metallurgy and adhesive slitting options will be discussed as well.

New to the program is discussion on how electronic technology has impacted the slitting process. Included is a brief history of electro-mechanical positioning, electronic knife holders and automatic positioning systems with closed loop cut-on-the-fly location change.

Throughout the two-day course, examples of relevant slitting problems and successes will be included. A variety of practical tips and suggested tools will be provided to support existing slitting processes. Attendee participation is welcome.


  • Common Slitting Methods
  • Metal Roll Shear Slitting
  • Razor Slitting
  • Crush Cutting
  • Shear Slitting - A Complicated Process
  • Slitting Blades and Knives
  • Adhesive Web Slitting
  • Trim and Bleed Slitting
  • Knife Re-Sharpening
  • Shear Knife Holders
  • Slitter Positioning Systems
  • Practical Slitting Matters