Parkinson Technologies

Fixed Position Center Winders

Small to Master Roll Diameters

Fixed Position Center Winders

Our winders are designed to meet the web handling requirements of the most demanding plastic film, plastic sheet, nonwovens and paper applications. No matter how simple or sophisticated your application requirements are we can design a custom engineered web handling system that ensures your finished product roll meets the highest quality standards and maximizes your line productivity. Parkinson Technologies’ fully automatic winders feature a complete range of cut-over techniques, providing ultimate flexibility to handle diverse web handling applications.


  • Fully supported or Cantilevered designs available
  • Cantilevered design offers easy roll removal; Automatic roll pushers available
  • Interchangeable, flanged, cantilevered winding shafts for multiple core sizes
  • Motorized In-feed Section with air-loaded Lay-on Roll for Lay-on or Gap winding modes
Maximum Web Widthup to 157 in

up to 1500 mm

Roll Diametersup to 60 in

up to 1.5 m

Web Speedsup to 1000 ft/min

up to 305 m/min

Tension Range0.10 pli to 2pli (typical web tension)
Core Sizes3 to 12 in

76 to 305 mm