Parkinson Technologies

Center Turret Winders

High-Production Multiple Position Turret

Center Turret Winders offer an efficient method for producing consistent high quality rolls in small to medium sized finished roll diameters. A flat, uniform roll start prevents web damage near the core and a rapid turret index plus short cut-over cycle minimizes scrap material at the end of a roll. Precise tension control results in excellent edge profile and roll construction throughout the roll buildup. The lay-on roll can act as either a contact roll to minimize air entrapment or in a minimum gap configuration to accurately guide the web prior to winding.

Standard Features

  • Fully automated and continuous winding operation without reducing line speed
  • Engineered for 24/7/365 operation
  • Closed-loop tension control system for optimum control of product roll formation
  • Plunge cut system available for reliable cut-overs

Available Options

  • Shaft, core and finished roll handling systems; from simple manual to complex automatic systems
  • In-line slitting and web separation
  • Differential winding for multiple in-line slits
  • Driven lay-on roller for low tension applications
  • Roll pusher system
  • Tapeless transfer
  • Razor or rotary shear cross-cut systems
  • Web guiding and oscillation
  • Static elimination

Web Widths

    20-197” (0.5-5.0 m)

Maximum Operating Speed

    Up to 2,000 fpm (610 mpm)

  • Manual Turret Winder
    Manual Turret Winder
    • Open-loop or closed-loop
    • In-line slitting capability
    • Accommodates multiple core sizes
    • Upstream web accumulators available for safe manual roll starts
    • Shafted or Shaftless
  • Automatic Cutover Turret Winder
    Automatic Cutover Turret Winder
    • Extensible and nonextensible materials
    • Flat, uniform roll starts
    • Short cut-over cycle minimizes scrap
    • In-line slitting capability
    • Shafted or Shaftless
  • Automatic Winder for Heavy Sheet
    Automatic Winder for Heavy Sheet
    • Heavy gauge sheet or composite materials
    • Operates at line speed, ensuring uniform quality rolls
    • Servo-driven razor or rotary sheer cross cut
    • Automatic and continuous operation
    • Uniform roll starts and reliable transfer
    • In-line slitting of multiple lanes
  • Cantilevered Turret Winder
    Cantilevered Turret Winder
    • Narrow web applications
    • Eliminates shaft handling
    • Easy loading and unloading of cores/rolls