Parkinson Technologies

ScreenLync™ - Innovative New Feature to Key Filters Brand

Parkinson Technologies, Inc. has introduced a first-of-its kind feature to its Key Filters brand that will lend added safety and efficiency to continuous belt screen changer operation. Called ScreenLync, this innovation enables the operator to hook the new full RDW (Reverse Dutch Weave) roll to the end of the depleted RDW roll in less time than is currently required, thereby reducing operational downtime.

“With every manufacturing operation, time is money, and any opportunity to minimize delays and downtime is significant,” says John Whaley, Product Manager for the Key Filters brand. “ScreenLync is completely new to the industry and will save our clients valuable production time. It reduces the roll change time to minutes.”

The screens used in Key Filters continuous screen changers are high-tensile Reverse Dutch Weave filters, which filter out contaminants in thermoplastic materials. ScreenLync allows an operator to link two screens together, providing a fast and easy way to feed the screen through the machine because it no longer needs to be cleaned out before the new screen is installed. ScreenLync also provides a measure of added safety when used in the Key Filters KCH model. Since it enables the new filtration screen to be pulled directly through the chamber, the operator is able to avoid contact with this high-heat area of the machine, thereby minimizing their handling of the screen roll.

“Parkinson Technologies is continually evolving its product lines to meet the changing landscape of the plastics industry as well as the specific needs of our customers,” says Parkinson’s President and CEO, Peter Termyn. “Our development team is always searching for ways to make production processes faster, safer, and more reliable. ScreenLync represents this commitment to our customers’ success, and we’re excited to see its impact in the marketplace.”

Now available for all filter screen sizes, ScreenLync works with Key Filters systems as well as other brands of continuous belt screen changers. Those seeking more information should contact Parkinson Technologies at 401-762-2100 or