Parkinson Technologies

Parkinson Technologies Opens its Doors to Packaging Professionals

On Thursday October 12, Parkinson Technologies hosted a tour for the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) New England chapter. Members were invited to Parkinson Technologies’ corporate headquarters in Woonsocket, Rhode Island to explore the State-of-the-art film extrusion and biaxial orientation technology lab, the new slitting technology lab, and tour the assembly area.

Parkinson also demonstrated their new virtual reality (VR) system. Originally designed for trade shows and conferences, Parkinson setup a dedicated section of their facility for visitors to experience a complete biaxial orientation system. The VR features examples of all four brands of machinery including full scale melt handlingcastingMDO (machine direction orientation)TDO (transverse direction orientation)winding, and slitting. This system is like their technology lab but allows virtual full-scale representations of machinery to be viewed and interacted with in the absence of the actual equipment.

“This was a great opportunity for our members to visit Parkinson and get an understanding of their operation and offerings,” explained Joe Iannone, IoPP Chapter President. “Our members come from a broad range of backgrounds in the packaging industry and this tour gave them an insight into the orientation side of film and sheet. We would like to thank Peter Termyn and his group for hosting this successful event.”

Towards the end of the event a special plaque was presented by Lynne Barton, IoPP New England Event Coordinator, to Peter Termyn, President and CEO of Parkinson Technologies, for sponsorship contribution. This contribution went towards scholarships for college students in U-Mass Lowell’s plastics engineering program.

“It was a pleasure to have the IoPP New England group here for the tour,” says Peter Termyn. “It always gives our company a great sense of pride to host these types of events, to share with other members of the packaging community our capabilities and learn about theirs. It was also a great honor to receive the plaque from IoPP and be recognized as one of the many contributors assisting our next generation of packaging professionals.”