Parkinson Technologies

Parkinson Technologies Hosts Plant Tour and Lab Machine Demonstration

 As an AIMCAL member company Parkinson Technologies Inc accepted an invitation to host a plant tour and conduct a lab machine demonstration in conjunction with AIMCAL’s Web Slitting Technology Converting School Course held in Warwick, RI on July 18 & 19, 2017. Parkinson planned the tour as a follow up to showcase their new design Dusenbery® MasterSlit™ DC4 Slitter Rewinder, previously unveiled at the ICE 2017 Show in Orlando, FL earlier this year.

In time for the Converting School demonstration Parkinson unveiled the new Dusenbery® TA72 heavy duty shaftless unwind with lift-from-the-floor capabilities. This new unwind was integrated with the MasterSlit™ DC4 to support the Web Slitting Technology Course. Parkinson conferred with instructor, Dave Rumson – Slitting Educator/Consultant, on the best possible demonstration given the tight demo setup and run schedule along with the limited in-plant tour time. It was agreed that a simple comparison of different shear slitting overlap depth settings could support the course discussion held earlier that day.

The demonstration testing was run with 70 gauge (18 micron) commercially available biaxially oriented polypropylene film. A real-time camera was used to provide a close up of one of the holder knives with the knife overlap set first to a more common 0.030” (0.76mm). The camera output was broadcast to a large screen monitor placed in front of the DC4 for attendee viewing. After an 8,000-ft. run the machine was shut down and the overlap was increased to 0.120” (3.05mm) and the 8,000-ft run repeated.

“Although no major difference in high edge roll profile was seen on both test runs, possibly due to the relative small roll diameters, subsequent examination showed a significant difference in web fracture debris collected on both top and bottom knives of the 0.120” overlap test, whereas there was virtually no debris on the 0.030” overlap knives,” explained Dave Rumson. “It was a positive experience for tour attendees to observe the overlap slitting demo and for AIMCAL and I to work with Parkinson Technologies in support of the course.”

Said Peter Termyn, President and CEO of Parkinson Technologies, “It’s always a pleasure to offer Dave Rumson and AIMCAL the opportunity to give their students the ability to see firsthand real world slitting demonstrations on our machinery. Events like these are certainly in-line with our goal to offer more demonstrations in our new slitting lab. As we continue to increase our capabilities in the lab, we’re planning to add more of these types of events.”

Those seeking more information about the DC4 slitter or TA72 unwind should contact Parkinson Technologies at 401-762-2100 or