Parkinson Technologies

New Slitting Lab is a Welcome Addition to the Technology Lab Offerings

Parkinson Technologies announces a new addition to its in-house technology lab offerings. Parkinson Technologies’ Dusenbery® brand has a new dedicated slitting lab featuring the MasterSlit™ DC4. This new lab will allow customers to conduct slitting trials and gain valuable hands-on experience using Dusenbery equipment.

“This is very exciting for us to offer more capabilities with this new slitting lab,” explained Joe Connelly, Product Manager of Winding and Slitting. “We’ve always had the ability to test customer’s material on our smaller prior generation machines, but now with the combination of the DC4 and TA72 heavy duty shaftless unwind we’re able to offer customers an even higher level of performance.”

The Dusenbery slitting lab will now offer customers the ability to test large mill rolls up to 72” maximum roll diameter at 10,000 Ibs. and rewind packages as large as 40” in diameter at speeds of 2,625 fpm. All three types of slitting tooling are available, including shear, crush, and razor. Customers are welcome to send in their materials to be tested or visit the Woonsocket facility to experience the new slitter rewinder’s performance, accuracy, and enhanced ergonomics.

The slitting lab is the newest segment of Parkinson Technologies’ technology lab offerings which also includes the Key Filters advanced melt filtration lab and the world-renowned Marshall and Williams Plastics extrusion & orientation pilot lab. In the coming year, the Dusenbery team has plans to add more capabilities to the new slitting lab including a compact slitter with an automatic knife position system.

“The Dusenbery slitting lab is a welcome addition to our lab capabilities,” says Peter Termyn, President and CEO of Parkinson Technologies. “The ability to test material and offer hands-on experience on our equipment has always been an important offering to our valued customers.”