Parkinson Technologies

Parkinson Technologies’ Dusenbery® brand adds to its MasterSlit™ Slitter Rewinder Offerings

Parkinson Technologies’ Dusenbery brand announces a new addition to their MasterSlit™ C-Series of slitter rewinders. The newly developed DC2 is a duplex center slitter that offers the same enhanced performance and ergonomic capabilities as its larger sibling, the DC4, but in a smaller more compact design.

“The DC2 was based on the original Dusenbery 635, possibly the most popular slitter rewinder ever created,” says Joe Connelly, Product Manager of Winding and Slitting. “This new slitter expands on the popularity of that classic model by continuing to offer an economical solution but with the DC2 you’re getting a much higher level of performance and available features.”

One of the new features of the DC2 which was not originally designed into the model 635 is the cantilevered design which allows for easier unloading of the rolls. Similar to the larger capacity DC4, the DC2 also features the optional roll pusher and automatic unloader which offers an even higher level of automatic roll handling. Another feature not available with the original 635 is the ability to rewind twenty-five-inch diameter rolls with or without top riding rolls, exceeding the legacy slitter’s rewind diameter capacity. The DC2 also allows for integration of any slitter tooling including a new automatic knife positioning system.

“With a machine like the DC2 it’s important to stay true to what made the original model 635 so popular while offering increased performance and innovative features,” says Peter Termyn, President and CEO of Parkinson Technologies. “We will continue that trend of developing cutting-edge machinery while never losing sight of what made our previous machines successful.”

Those seeking more information about the DC2 should contact Parkinson Technologies at 401-762-2100 or