Parkinson Technologies

Filter Screen

Reverse Dutch Twill Weave Filter Belts

Key Filters is a supplier of the Reverse Dutch Twill Weave filter belts used in ribbon style continuous screen changers. A large inventory of standard meshes and sizes are stocked for immediate delivery. Please contact us regarding your specific requirements.

Parkinson Technologies, Inc. has introduced a first-of-its kind feature to its Key Filters brand that will lend added safety and efficiency to continuous belt screen changer operation. Called ScreenLync™, this innovation enables the operator to hook the new full RDW (Reverse Dutch Weave) roll to the end of the depleted RDW roll in less time than is currently required, thereby reducing operational downtime.

Reverse Dutch Twill MeshSquare MeshMicron
48 x 1040400
72 x 1560300
132 x 1780200
150 x 26120120
236 x 3315090
325 x 3925055