Parkinson Technologies

KCH Continuous Belt Screen Changer

Advanced Melt Filtration Technology

In plastics extrusion, having the right screen changer for your material’s filtration requirements can make the difference between profit and loss. Parkinson Technologies’ line of Key Filters products offers custom engineered solutions and turnkey services to meet melt filtration needs for thermoplastic materials.

The new KCH joins the best features of the prior KC and KCN product lines. The KCH delivers the same uniform continuous extrusion pressure, varying as little as ±20 psi. However, with hydraulic puller action, the KCH can react rapidly to disruptions caused by varying contaminant levels.

No process interruption translates into increased production and decreased scrap, bringing maximum efficiency to your extrusion operation.


  • Rapidly and automatically responds to increased contamination (pressure control) - true continuous system with little to no monitoring
  • Works with all thermoplastics and TPEs - tested on the most common material
  • Reliable hydraulic puller action – uniform and controlled screen movement


  • ScreenLync™ interlocking continuous belt screen system - first-of-its-kind interlocking system offers enhanced safety and efficiency
  • Spent screen shear – device automatically cuts waste screen exiting the screen puller
  • Ergonomic PLC operation - built in English & metric units of measurement along with language conversion (English, Spanish and Chinese)

Economical Solution

  • Low capital investment - quicker return on investment
  • Minimal operator involvement - labor savings
  • Uses continuous belt of high tensile reverse Dutch weave (RDW) filter media - low consumable screen cost