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Alpha Series

Two Drum Surface Slitter Rewinder

Models 840 and the 909 are high speed, two drum surface slitter rewinders for large rewind diameters. These slitters are primarily used in the paper and nonwovens industries. The surface slitter rewinder 840 and 909 can be configured with two types of slitting systems (score or shear) to accommodate your diverse applications. Dusenbery® slitting machinery are equipped with an advanced control structure designed specifically to produce the highest quality packages quickly and repeatedly.

Maximum Web WidthMaximum Rewind DiameterMaximum Speed
84080 inches (2040 mm)48 inches (1219 mm)2000 fpm (610 mpm)
909160 inches (4064 mm)60 inches (1515 mm)2500 fpm (765 mpm)


Two Drum Surface Slitter Rewinder Options
  • Model 840 Two-drum Surface Slitter Winder
    Model 840 Two-drum Surface Slitter Winder

    An all-around surface slitter rewinder that is ideal for many paper-slitting applications. It features a special tension control technique for clean cutting of various paper and nonwoven materials including gummed tape. Offers score or shear slitting with simple set up and operation.

  • Model 909 High Speed Two-drum Surface Slitter Winder
    Model 909 High Speed Two-drum Surface Slitter Winder

    The 909 is a high speed two-drum surface slitter winder designed to slit and rewind webs at high speeds with a positive roll separation. Two bowed rolls are provided for positive roll separation and narrow slit widths. It is constructed in full compliance with all safety standards in both mechanical and electrical areas. All individual shear knife holders are guarded. Clearance is provided between all pull rolls and idler roll surfaces to allow safer operation and elimination of pinch points. It also enhances ease of threading the machine. All electric and drive components are totally guarded. All guard doors are interlocked into the emergency stop circuit and are mechanically interlocked with the main disconnects. Lockout/Tagout disconnects for all energy sources. Ideal for slitting paper, nonwovens and board.