Parkinson Technologies

S Series

Surface Slitter Rewinder

In surface winding, the torque necessary to wind the material is imparted to the outside of the winding roll as it is in contact with a driven roller or set of rollers. As nip loading is essential to this winding method, it should not be used for materials that are sensitive to being nipped. Materials such as paper, nonwovens, textiles, and specialty composites can be wound to large diameters using this type of machine.

Maximum Web WidthMaximum Rewind DiameterMaximum Speed
DS180 inches (2040 mm)48 inches (1219 mm)2000 fpm (610 mpm)
DS2160 inches (4064 mm)60 inches (1515 mm)2500 fpm (765 mpm)
  • DS1 Two-drum Surface Slitter Winder
    DS1 Two-drum Surface Slitter Winder

    The DS1 is ideally suited for many paper and nonwoven applications. Built upon the success of the model 840, it features a special tension control technique for clean cutting of various paper and nonwoven materials including gummed tape.

  • DS2 High Speed Two-drum Surface Slitter Winder
    DS2 High Speed Two-drum Surface Slitter Winder

    Similar to the DS1, the DS2 offers the ability to slit large paper and nonwoven materials. Expanding on the original model 909, the DS2 is engineered to slit large rolls at higher speeds.