Parkinson Technologies

CS Series

Center Surface Slitter Rewinder

Center surface slitter rewinders provide the most flexibility for winding challenging webs to larger diameters. Winding torque is transmitted to the winding shaft like a traditional center driven rewinder, while the wound rolls are also in contact with a driven surface roller or rollers. The torque provided from each driven section can be varied in limitless combinations to yield the desired finished roll quality for a multitude of substrates.

Maximum Web Width Maximum Rewind Diameter Maximum Speed
CS1 86 inches (2185 mm) 50 inches (1270 mm) 2500 fpm (760 mpm)

86 inches (2185 mm)

40 inches OD (1016 mm OD) 2500 fpm (760 mpm)
CS3 86 inches (2185 mm)  50 inches OD (1270 mm OD) 2500 fpm (760 mpm)
CS4 63 inches (1600 mm) 24 inches (609 mm) 1500 fpm (460 mpm) 
CS5 86 inches (2185 mm) 50 inches OD (1270 mm OD) 2500 fpm (760 mpm)


Center Surface Slitter Rewinder Options
Air Differential Shaft
Air Differential Shaft

Air differential shafts allow you to convert larger diameter rolls at lower tensions. These shafts produce and maintain precise individual control over multiple winding packages.

Roll Pushers
Roll Pushers

Linear actuated roll pushers enable the operator to remove the finished rewind packages without repetitive physical force, and are automatically operated from the machine PLC. Various core sizes can be accommodated

  • CS1 Slitter Rewinder
    CS1 Slitter Rewinder

    Built upon the model 220, this simplex shafted rewinder is ideal for trimming and rewinding or bisecting; minimum gap or for contact rewinding capabilities.

  • CS2 Slitter Rewinder
    CS2 Slitter Rewinder

    Improving on the already successful model 280, the CS2 offers unmatched flexibility with an updated new look and increased performance. Ideal for R&D applications or any operation seeking the versatility to accurately slit paper, film, nonwovens or foam up to 86 inches (2185mm) wide with center, center-surface or center winding in minimum gap mode.

  • CS3 Slitter Rewinder
    CS3 Slitter Rewinder

    The CS3 features a shaftless rewinder with trimming capability and minimum gap or contact rewinding capabilities that was originally known as the model 400.

  • CS4 Slitter Rewinder
    CS4 Slitter Rewinder

    Originally developed as the model 740, this duplex cantilevered center surface slitter rewinder for narrow width slitting with lift-out unloading.

  • CS5 Slitter Rewinder
    CS5 Slitter Rewinder

    The CS5 is available in shafted or individual rewind arm versions with minimum gap or contact rewinding capabilities. Originally known as the model 800.