Parkinson Technologies

Model 861

In-line Shear and Razor Slitting Unit

Model 861

The Dusenbery Model 861 is a stand alone, inline unit designed to provide the maximum efficiency and versatility of shear cut or razor blade slitting.

  • Stand alone inline slitting station
  • Material widths up to 80 inches (2 m)
  • Speeds to 2000 fpm (610 mpm)
  • Slit widths 2" (50 mm) to full width
Minimum Slit Widths2" in 1/6" increments. Razor blade grooved roll slitting
Idler RollsBall bearing mounted tubular steel, 4 7/8" diameter, covered with replaceable waffle pattern roll covers to minimize side slip
Adjustable DovetailDovetail trunnion assembly with handwheel to raise and lower male knife or razor blade holder, available as optional equipment. Fixed dovetail bar supplied as a standard
Lower Knife Shaft Drive3.575" O.D. knife or grooved roll
Shaft Support for Female Knife or Grooved RollOptional for use with wide web widths
Grooved RollProvides accurate web support on either side of razor blade


In-line Shear and Razor Slitting Unit Options