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Flex Series

Center Surface Slitter Rewinder

These slitter rewinders are used in paper, foam, and label stock applications, the general purpose of these machines is to economically slit and rewind products that are uniform in thickness and can tolerate contact pressure. The slitter rewinder models 220, 280, 400, 740 and 800 can be configured with multiple types of slitting systems with the most typical being shear and score. The Dusenbery® brand slitting machines are equipped with an advanced control structure designed specifically to produce the highest quality packages quickly and repeatedly.

Maximum Web WidthMaximum Rewind DiameterMaximum SpeedMachine Dimensions
22086 inches (2185 mm)50 inches (1270 mm)2500 fpm (760 mpm)

87” x 55” x (A+102)”(2210 mm x 1400 mm x (A+2590) mm)


86 inches (2185 mm)

40 inches OD (1016 mm OD)2500 fpm (760 mpm)

74” x 69” x (A+75)” (1880 mm x 1753 mm x (A+1905) mm)

40086 inches (2185 mm) 50 inches OD (1270 mm OD)2500 fpm (760 mpm)

80” x 67” x (A+96)” (2032 mm x 1700 mm x (A+2438) mm)

74063 inches (1600 mm)24 inches (609 mm)1500 fpm (460 mpm) 

81” x 63” x 87” (2057 mm x 1600 mm x 2210 mm)

740DW40 inches (1016 mm)27 inches (686 mm)1500 fpm (460 mpm) 

69” x 77” x (A + 74)” (1753 mm x 1956 mm x (A + 2590) mm)

80086 inches (2185 mm)50 inches OD (1270 mm OD)2500 fpm (760 mpm)

103” x 71” x (A+79)” (2616 mm x 1800 mm x (A+2590) mm)


Center Surface Slitter Rewinder Options
Air Differential Shaft
Air Differential Shaft

Air differential shafts allow you to convert larger diameter rolls at lower tensions. These shafts produce and maintain precise individual control over multiple winding packages.

Roll Pushers
Roll Pushers

Linear actuated roll pushers enable the operator to remove the finished rewind packages without repetitive physical force, and are automatically operated from the machine PLC. Various core sizes can be accommodated