Parkinson Technologies

Genesis Series

Center Driven Duplex Slitter Rewinder

The Genesis Series of high performance, center driven slitter rewinder are used in many different applications throughout a wide range of industries. The general purpose of these machines is to economically slit and rewind a variety of materials that may be non-uniform in thickness or sensitive to contact pressure. The Genesis Series slitter machine can be configured with multiple types of slitting systems; including score, shear, and razor to accommodate your diverse applications. These slitter rewinders can also be equipped with individual or common top riding rollers allowing for high speed slitting and rewinding.

Standard Features

Integral unwind system with:*

  • Programmed tension control brake
  • Digital electro-mechanical guiding system with ultrasonic edge sensor
  • Closed loop unwind tension control system (includes a load sensing idler roll)
  • Mill roll canting angle adjustment
  • Roll loading arms for shafted unwind
  • Shaftless unwind option

* with the exception of the model 635

Additional Options

  • Lift out or cantilevered differential winding capability
  • Full width rewinding on one mandrel only with lift-out lock core shaft
  • Pneumatic or gravity top riding rolls
  • Finished roll handling stand
  • Active static control system
  • Pneumatic trim conveying system
  • Remote trim winders
  • Optical line guide
  • Larger unwind core capabilities
  • Kiss or wrap shear slitting
  • Razor-in-groove or razor-in-air slitting
  • Pneumatic score slitting
Maximum Web WidthMaximum Rewind DiameterMaximum SpeedMachine Dimensions (With maximum roll size)
63340 inches
(1016 mm)
24 inches
(610 mm)
1500 fpm
(460 mpm)
98” L x 70” H x (A+55.5”) W

2489 mm L x 1778 mm H x (A+1410 mm) W

63572 inches
(1828 mm)
25 inches
(635 mm)
2000 fpm
(610 mpm)
159”L x 70” H x (A+74”) W

4039 mm L x 1778 mm H x (A+1880 mm) W

70062 inches
(1575 mm)
30 inches
(762 mm)
1500 fpm
(460 mpm)
77.5” L x 76” H x 117” W

1969 mm L x 1930 mm H x 2972 mm W


Center Driven Duplex Slitter Rewinder Options
985 Trim Handling System
985 Trim Handling System

Dusenbery 985 Series Trim Handling Systems outperform conventional systems due to their unique 45º Venturi profile. The substantial increase in air velocity and static pressure provides more efficient trim removal.

Air Differential Shaft
Air Differential Shaft

Air differential shafts allow you to convert larger diameter rolls at lower tensions. These shafts produce and maintain precise individual control over multiple winding packages.


Designed to unload finished rewind packages from cantilevered rewind mandrels, the 413 unloader rotates manually away from the mandrels in a vertical plane (180o total rotation) and then automatically pivots to the horizontal plane for ease of unloading. Model 412 is a standard vertical plane unloader.