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Why an RDW Filter is Essential to Optimizing Screen Changer Performance

Automatic, ribbon-style continuous belt screen changers used in plastics extrusion require long filter belts that pass through the filter chamber. These belts are made up of high-tensile, stainless steel wire woven into a mesh. While it may be tempting to use lower-priced, plain-weave wire cloth filters, the reality is that these lack strength and can fail over time. The better bet? Consider using a reverse Dutch twill weave (RDW) filter belt, which is specially engineered to provide added strength and durability required for continuous belt screen changer operation.

What Exactly is RDW?

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PID Control Loops used in Extrusion Applications

Many of us in the extrusion industry have heard of PID control loops, but do we fully understand the causes and effects PID control loops can have on the extrusion operation?

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